July 17, 2024

Turtle Back Zoo Says Super-Cheap Tickets Selling Online Are Fake

Turtle Back Zoo Says Super-Cheap Tickets Selling Online Are Fake

WEST ORANGE, NJ — Don’t believe everything you see on social media – including suspiciously cheap tickets to the zoo.

On Friday, the Turtle Back Zoo in Essex County warned visitors about a scam that has been going around the internet involving “deeply discounted” tickets to several zoos, including their location in West Orange.

According to a statement from the Turtle Back Zoo:

“We have been notified there is an advertisement going around social media [that is] marketing a deeply discounted offer on admission tickets to various zoos, including Essex County Turtle Back Zoo. We always look forward to welcoming visitors, but this is not our promotion. Many of our fellow AZA-accredited zoos’ social media followers have unfortunately also been targeted by identical ads. Report these ads as scams if you see them. Tell your friends and family about this scam. Do not give the scammers any of your personal or financial information. If you have already done so, contact your card issuer immediately.”

Zoo staff reminded visitors that valid tickets to the Turtle Back are only sold through links on their website: turtlebackzoo.com.

“If you are ever unsure if something is valid or not, reach out to the zoo directly for confirmation,” administrators recommended.