Travel agents recommend holding off on booking European travel for now

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Travel agents say this summer will be one of the busiest…

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Travel agents say this summer will be one of the busiest travel seasons in years, with many hotels already filling up.

Local travel agents said spring break is one of the busiest times that people head over to Europe, but with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, experts said you should hold off on booking a trip overseas.

Travel advisor Christen Perry with Classic Travel Connections said she has clients overseas right now and they are okay. She said most countries are still safe to travel to for now, but she is telling clients not to book any new trips to Europe for the time being.

Perry said if you have already paid for a trip, you can still go. But, if you haven’t paid yet, just wait.

“Just wait and see,” Perry said. “You might as well not commit financially, because then we are just going to be doing all of the same things we did all of 2020. Cancel and rebook, cancel and rebook. Then, when we get a really good feel on what is going happen over the next few months, you can book that vacation and feel a lot more confident about it.”

Alabama AAA said it is all a case-by-case basis and most of Europe is safe for travelers, so it just depends on what country you are planning to head to.


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