June 20, 2024

This Is How Much A Vacation To Turkey Will Cost You (With Breakdowns)

This Is How Much A Vacation To Turkey Will Cost You (With Breakdowns)

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Thanks to social media, Turkey has become one of the most popular places to visit. And there are many features that make this travel destination so popular among avid travelers. Starting from its rich historical legacy to its iconic landmarks like the magnificent Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque, but then there is also the dramatic landscape of the famous Cappadocia, where many tourists come here to try the hot air balloon. The Grand Bazaar is another attraction, where one can go back in time to see its old architecture and buy some exotic items. Food is another feature which this country is famous for, especially the Turkish breakfast much loved by travelers across the world. Planning for a vacation can be a daunting task, which is why we have compiled all the essential expenses in this article. To know more about how much it can cost for a vacation in Turkey, keep on reading below.


Cost Of Flight – Turkey

Turkey has some of the busiest airports thanks to its location, which is at the crossroad between Europe and the Middle East. Travelers from Europe or the Middle East will have a wide range of budget airlines to choose from. For instance, Skyscanner offers some of the best deals. Those from North America will be able to have direct flights from major cities like New York, Los Angelos, Toronto, or San Francisco. Australians will have to look for a layover in Southeast Asian countries or in the Middle East first.

With a high demand for flights, Turkey has well-equipped and very accessible airports, with 35 offering domestic and international flights and about 23 which offer regional flights. Turkish Airlines cover most of the major airports in the USA, Europe, the Far East, and the Middle East.

  • The average flight around the world can cost between $1,149 (between early to mid-July) to $676 (in early December month).
  • The median flight cost around $546
  • Economy Flights: $324 to $982 (solo)
  • First Class Flights: $810 to $2,457 (solo)

Best Time To Travel:

  • Travelers can opt to visit during the shoulder season to avoid the high flight price. The shoulder season in Turkey is between May and September. While October to March is the low season, where most of the time the price of the flights is the cheapest.

Note: The high season is between June to August

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Cost Of Accommodation – Turkey

When it comes to accommodation, Turkey undoubtedly has an endless list of places to stay depending on preferences; think luxurious hotels with private pools, boutique hotels, budget-friendly hotels, and of course, a wide range of Airbnb and hostels.

Budget travelers can choose from 2 to 3-star hotels or guesthouses, which sometimes include breakfast. Check out the reviews and choose the best place to stay. Budget accommodation can cost between $50 – $80 per night. For instance, Ararat Boutique Hotel offers a deluxe of $80 per night (depending on the season). It is located close to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

But those looking for the ultimate luxurious experience can consider upscale hotels like Four Seasons at the Bosphorus, which can cost around $1,016 per night. Such hotels normally offer excellent amenities with spa facilities, a gourmet dining experience, and plush bedrooms with ocean views.

An alternate option is to choose to stay in hostels. Turkey has many cheap but decent places to bed down. One can expect to pay around $10 – $15 for a dorm bed in most parts of the country. And those looking for a private room in hostels can expect to pay around $25 for a night.

  • Budget-Friendly Hotel: $50 – $80 per night
  • Luxurious Hotels: Starting around $1000 per night
  • Hostels: Between $10 – $25

Cost Of Activities – Turkey

There are many interesting things to do in Turkey, from hiking to taking a trip in a hot air balloon. Of course, it is always wise to plan beforehand. Nature lovers can take the off-the-beaten hiking trail to enjoy the scenic view of Turkey. For instance, the Lycian trail is famous and is free of cost. For budget activities, consider a full-day jeep safari to the Taurus Mountains, which includes hotel transfer and lunch. This type of activity can cost from $27. While the hot air balloon in Cappadocia is one of the much-anticipated activities among tourists, this activity usually includes pre-departure breakfast, hotel transfer, complimentary tea, and a flight certificate. It is one of the most incredible ways to view the dramatic landscape of the region. The activity can cost $200.

  • Activity: Some activities have no cost (such as visiting the Blue Mosque or hiking some trails). Paid activities range between $27 to $200.

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Cost Of Food – Turkey

Just like there is an endless list of places to stay and things to do in Turkey, the same way, Turkish cuisine includes a myriad of delicious dishes. And the good news is that Turkey has some of the cheapest dishes. Turkish take their breakfast very seriously. The breakfast in a local restaurant is no different from a real feast. A traditional Turkish breakfast is composed of cured meats, Turkish Menemen (eggs with tomatoes), fresh bread, olives, spicy sausages, feta cheese, honey, peppers, and cucumbers. This can cost around $3.

For lunch, there are various options to choose to eat. One can easily find different types of kebabs, which consist of lamb and chicken. Those who wish to skip the meat dishes can instead opt for fresh Mediterranean salads with crusty bread. There is the pide, which is a Turkish pizza with all sorts of toppings, including lamb, spinach, and cheese. The pide can cost around $3 and the kebabs about $3.50. And a cup of coffee can cost less than $1.

For dinner, there are many budget-friendly to upscale restaurants to choose from. One of the most affordable dishes to try is the balik ekmek, which is a sandwich of grilled fish with tomatoes and onions. This can cost only $1.

  • Meals In Restaurant: As From $4
  • A Bottled Water: From $0.30