June 6, 2024

Summer travel options looking pricey, but there are deals out there

Summer travel options looking pricey, but there are deals out there

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — With summer and the prime travel time for many families just around the corner, the demand is soaring and so are prices. A look at this year’s summer travel trends could help you find the best deals.

First of all, if you have not booked your summer travel plans yet, you should start looking soon. According to travel experts, popular family destinations are booking up fast.

“It’s been so busy,” says Clint Henderson, Managing Editor for The Points Guy. “Florida has been super popular throughout the pandemic, even more so now and hotel prices are really high, so be aware of that.”

Hotel prices and gas prices are soaring making it a challenge for some families to save money on road trips.

“We are seeing some evidence that people are shifting away from planning road trips, and in general airfare demand is through the roof, so most people are booking flights this summer.” Henderson said.

So, are families ready to get back out there? You might remember the Disandro family, I spoke with them during the height of the pandemic when they purchased a travel van. It was a safe way for them to travel around with their three small children.

“The van is great but, now that things are open, we do both” Shannon DiSandro said when asked about flying, “I feel really safe, people are being safe.”

Some families are also looking for other creative ways to travel and are ditching the plane for the train.

“It’s a wonderful way to see parts of the country that you probably haven’t seen before, and you can sometimes find deals on packages and it’s defiantly worth looking into.” Henderson said.

Some companies are reaching out to a “galaxy far, far away” to entice families back to air travel. On May 4th, Alaska Airlines launched a new Star Wars themed plane that will travel from Southern California to Northern California, for the next 8 years.

Even with the demand for travel adding to the soaring prices, according to Henderson there are still some good deals out there.

“I have the best hack you are ever going to hear. So all the airlines have things like vacation packages that you can buy, you combine airfare with hotels you can save as much as 40%,” he said.