July 16, 2024

Most Canadians Are ‘Vacation-Deprived’ So Here’s 7 Super Cheap Flights From Vancouver

It’s official — most Canadians are vacation deprived and it turns out that workcations just aren’t cutting it.

This new information might be just the excuse you needed to book that trip. For anyone living in Vancouver, there are some cheap flights to help make it happen.

A new study done by Expedia showed that 55% of Canadians are experiencing vacation deprivation and that almost half of people who work remotely say it’s more difficult to actually unplug on a trip.

While workcations seem great at first, 80% of people who took them don’t actually feel like it’s a real vacation.

Possibly the worst part of it all is that Canadians aren’t using all of their vacation time. Expedia said that “Canadian workers took less vacation than the global average and a third left vacations days on the table.”

Now more than ever it seems — you need a vacation.

If you’re not feeling a super expensive trip, no worries. There are some super affordable flights taking off from Vancouver International Airport or Abbotsford Airport this season, so you can get away from it all.

Vancouver to Phoenix, Arizona

Price: From $208 round trip

When: April 13-20, 2022

Why You Need To Go: Flair always keeps it super cheap, but going to a different country for a couple of hundred dollars, round trip, is an amazing deal. Time to soak up some rays.


Vancouver to San Francisco, California

Price: From $334 round trip

When: March 29 – April 5, 2022

Why You Need To Go: Book this flight with Air Canada ASAP if you want a week of exploring this iconic city. It’s the perfect vacation if you want to keep busy site seeing things like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.


Vancouver to Kahului, Maui

Price: From $466 round trip

When: April 18-26, 2022

Why You Need To Go: The best part about this WestJet trip is that it’s a direct flight from Vancouver to Kahului. No more hours waiting for a connection in Toronto!


Vancouver to Miami, Florida

Price: From $418 round trip

When: March 23-30 2022

Why You Need To Go: This Air Canada flight is the perfect excuse to hit the beach in Miami. Bring along some friends and make it the ultimate girls’ trip!


Vancouver to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Price: From $269 round trip

When: May 10-18, 2022

Why You Need To Go: Not into a sunny vacation? Why not explore the other side of Canada with a trip out East! Swoop is starting flights from Vancouver to Halifax in May and you can book your trip now.


Abbotsford to Los Cabos, Mexico

Price: From $392 round trip

When: April 4-18, 2022

Why You Need To Go: This flight leaves from Abbotsford Airport, but that’s just a short drive from Vancouver. Swoop Airlines is expanding its flights all the time, and this deal isn’t one you want to miss.