June 16, 2024

Inside The Black-Owned Travel Agency Working To Empower Black Heritage Tourism In Egypt

Inside The Black-Owned Travel Agency Working To Empower Black Heritage Tourism In Egypt

In 2019, social entrepreneur Amy Webb decided to open her travel agency Bucket List Egypt after a life-changing experience of traveling to the country for her wedding. Born in South Carolina to Egyptian immigrants, Webb said that she opened her travel agency to ensure tourists enjoy Egypt’s most sacred places with safety and ease of mind.

“I went to Egypt for the first time at the age of 33. That’s when my life changed based on my experience there. I was shocked to learn about Egypt’s history and how the ancient people lived over 4000 years ago. Everything was sacred, pristine, and intentional.  My first experience empowered me to bring more people to Egypt, so they can experience the same thing I witnessed. To go on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through Egypt and to learn from our ancestors can change lives forever,” Amy Webb told Travel Noire.

Courtesy of Amy Webb from Bucket List Egypt

Since then, Webb developed a strong passion for Egypt. She created an alliance between the country and the US through travel, and this Black woman-owned premier travel brand provides ease and safety in traveling to Egypt’s most sacred places.

“We have taken many African American travelers into Egypt, where it’s actually their first time visiting the motherland. I have seen people completely blown away with the history they find that is not taught in schools. Egypt was a land of Pharos, Queens, and Royalty, and it is important that Black travelers experience this history and where they come from,” Webb stated.

The entrepreneur affirmed that Bucket List Egypt has Egyptologists who share ancient Egyptian stories from the perspective of Black history, as she has found many people throughout the years have tried a Eurocentric perspective in traveling to Egypt having a completely inaccurate view. 

Bucket List Egypt’s founder said that her travel agency also works on the mission to transform the narrative and negative assumptions about traveling to the Middle East. Webb mentioned that she has found that so many people want to come to visit countries like Egypt, but, unfortunately, there has been a negative stigma in media that countries located in the Middle East or Africa are presumably unsafe to travel to, according to her. 

“I realized from my own experience that it really is about planning your trip the correct way prior to visiting. A country like Egypt has so much to offer, but it does require accurate and detailed planning. This is one of the reasons we started Bucket List Egypt with my partners, Karim Refaat and Bassem Yassa. Our goal is to ensure safety for travelers and to create an amazing itinerary for travel enthusiasts to enjoy all aspects of their trip stress-free,” Amy Webb said.  

She said that now her goal is to help to recover the tourism sector in Egypt as the country is trying to overcome the shock of the pandemic. With this current international scenario, the Egyptian economy is faced with an unprecedented challenge in attracting visitors. Because of this, Webb announced that she has partnered with the Ministry of Tourism, the Egyptian government, and several organizations to aid tourism in Egypt.

Webb explained that Bucket List Egypt is different from other travel brands because it does not have a one-size fits all package.

“We co-create with guests and curate tailored packages depending on what they are looking for. What’s awesome about traveling to Egypt is that there is so much more to do than just history. Of course, the historical sites are not to be missed, but most people are not aware that some of the most beautiful beaches, marine life, etc are located in Egypt.” 

For those into spirituality and mental wellness, Webb said that the company provides wellness retreats.

“There is desert camping, beautiful hikes, and an amazing food and night scene in Cairo. There’s something to do for everyone. We strive to create an unforgettable experience based on each person’s journey and interest,” she concluded.

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