June 16, 2024

Envie Holdings, LLC, Achieves Milestone Through Delivery of 200,000 Mini-Vacation Packages and 2.4 Million Leads

Envie Holdings, LLC, Achieves Milestone Through Delivery of 200,000 Mini-Vacation Packages and 2.4 Million Leads

ORLANDO, Fla., May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Envie Holdings, the parent company of Seychelle Media, LLC; VacationVIP, LLC; TechEnvie, LLC; and VacationEnvie, LLC; recently announced that it surpassed a performance milestone by delivering over 200,000 mini-vacation packages and over 2,400,000 leads on behalf of its vacation ownership clients over the past 24 months, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Built on proprietary Martech, the Envie Holdings family of brands combine to create a resort marketing powerhouse that delivers new and highly scalable channels of qualified prospects and tours to the vacation ownership industry. While many travel industry companies struggled during the COVID pandemic, Seychelle Media, ranked No. 844 on 2021’s Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America, and VacationVIP, ranked No. 641 on 2021’s Inc. 5000.

During the pandemic, Envie Holdings benefited from Seychelle Media’s and VacationVIP’s aggressive, highly strategic and technology-based solutions, resulting in Facebook acknowledging Seychelle Media’s consistent increases in media spend during COVID and selecting Seychelle Media as a ‘Resilient Business’ Case Study.

Jason Tremblay, CEO of Envie Holdings stated, “In March of 2020, our business model was literally turned on its head. Within the span of a few days we received alerts about closures, lay-offs and entire call centers being shuttered. At worst, we received notices from clients to terminate, or place on hold contracts; and, at best, clients were directing us to implement dramatic cuts in their advertising spend budgets. Our companies had no option but to pivot. We had to turn our businesses around on a dime; and we did.”

Tremblay continued, “We convinced many of our clients to pursue the seemingly counterintuitive strategy to spend more on digital advertising through the pandemic. When others were significantly pulling back, we increased advertising spend and pushed through. We coined the phrase ‘Save Now. Travel Later!’; extended the travel-by dates on all vacation packages, and lifted all change or cancellation fees. As a result, we grew our business exponentially and those loyal clients who increased spend with us are now experiencing staggering growth and a very full pipeline of tours and prospects in their resorts and sales centers in a post-COVID world. Not only did we survive, we excelled. Being in the on-line digital travel space and producing 200,000 mini-vacation packages and 2.4 million leads during a global pandemic speaks to our teams’ innovation, nimbleness and perseverance.”

Envie Holdings, vacation ownership’s digital growth engine, remains focused and committed to its goal of becoming the defacto and ubiquitous provider of high quality tours and leads to the vacation ownership industry at large.

About Envie Holdings, LLC.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Envie Holdings is the parent company of a growing suite of brands including Seychelle Media, VacationVIP, TechEnvie, and VacationEnvie. The company is driven by its mission to create and deliver digital marketing solutions for vacation ownership and other verticals, designed to simplify processes, utilize game changer technologies and increase client return on advertising spend (ROAS) . envieholdings.com

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