Check Out The New Map From MIT For Cheap Flights

MIT has developed Escape, a cool new map that will help you easily find cheap…

Check Out The New Map From MIT For Cheap Flights

t1 Escape map from MIT - tool to travel

MIT has developed Escape, a cool new map that will help you easily find cheap flights across the world

We love Google Flights, we love plotting trips, even trips that do not happen. It’s the whole wonderful thrill of planning, checking flight prices, being pleasantly surprised by great prices even far down the calendar. And, hey, sometimes it all works out.


If you, too, are a travel planner, you’re going to love the new Escape interactive map. Developed by MIT Senseable City Laboratory in Singapore, the new map offers you the cheapest, quickest and most popular flights from any destination. And it’s so cool. You need to enter your city of departure and your travel dates. Click and you’re shown a colourful world map with the best options on different continents. Visual learners will enjoy the colour-coding too. Red denotes the most expensive flights and green the cheapest, so you will at once know which trips are worth pursuing. 

Escape is great if you know your travel dates, or if an unexpected window of leave opens up. It also lets you filter by popular destination, length of flight, and easy visas. Geographical selection is also possible. If you’ve always wanted to go to Africa, go to the bottom of the screen and select that continent. You will then be able to see the cheapest destination in each country and know how much a flight costs to the different airports in that nation. 

We found Escape really user friendly, and so will most people. We tried looking for tickets from Bengaluru to Anywhere for next month, five to 10 nights.  Clicked Asia, then South Asia and found the Maldives at Rs 17, 454 (Male), as well as a note that “15,186 are currently sick”. Clicking South East Asia gives us Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia at Rs 17k, but 40,000 people show as currently sick. In Africa, Sohag in Egypt is 31k, while, in Europe, Sofia in Bulgaria is 38k.

i Escape map from MIT - get set to travel

Searching for Exact Dates is free, searching  ‘Anywhere’ for the current month and the next is free; if you want to search beyond that, there are plans that you can buy. The popular Lifetime Plan is at US$ 49 (Rs 3,700 approximately).

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