June 16, 2024

Cheap Flights to Orlando: Roundtrip Flights Starting at $148

Cheap Flights to Orlando: Roundtrip Flights Starting at $148

Summer is looming, and with it is coming pricier plane tickets. For major destinations like Orlando, summer deals will be even harder to find. If you’ve got some flexibility in your travel plans, though, you can save some money by booking your big summer vacation later in the year. The Points Guy reports that the cost of roundtrip tickets to Orlando will drop during the fall.

Per the travel deal site, American Airlines is offering roundtrip flights form several major cities to Orlando this fall, starting at around $148. The deals are out of Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles between the months of September and October.

You can book = on Google Flights or directly through the American Airlines website. Flights from Los Angeles begin at $148 roundtrip for a main cabin seat, while flights from Washington, DC begin at $178. Flights from Atlanta and Charlotte start just over the $200 mark. As usual, these flights are subject to availability and to change in price. To guarantee you can find the cheapest flights available, make sure you set the dates to be flexible.

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