June 7, 2024

As Hawaii Hotels Soar To Highest In USA, What Visitors Can Do

As Hawaii Hotels Soar To Highest In USA, What Visitors Can Do
As Hawaii Hotels Soar To Highest In USA, What Visitors Can Do

Hawaii hotels reported huge jumps in revenue, brought on by the highest average room rate in the country for the latest month reported (March 2022). Read further about what you can do and our tips.

Statewide, average room rates were $378, but some average rates were much higher. Even the statewide average was up 33% compared with both 2019 and 2021. Maybe you’ve noticed the same price jump on your recent Hawaii vacation. Many of your comments have spoken to this and we’ve seen it too.

The study prepared for Hawaii Tourism Authority represented 83% of all properties with twenty rooms or more. Vacation rentals aren’t a part of this report. We do not believe that ancillary costs, like resort fees, were part of this study.

Luxury Class Hawaii hotels rates up 52%.

If you want luxury, it’s going to cost more. Properties deemed luxury had an average daily rate of $887, which was up more than fifty percent compared with 2019. The demand for high end vacations is very strong, and the price increase reflects that visitors are willing to pay more, actually much more, post-Covid.

Hawaii hotels that are Midscale and Economy Class are the sweetspot for visitors.

Those properties still have a far more reasonable average daily rate, at $210 statewide. That’s up just 17% since 2019. Visitors can easily access a Hawaii vacation with less budgetary damage by choosing such hotels.

Maui hotels have the highest rates – some now average $1,000 per night.

Maui hotels overall exceeded all of the other islands with an average daily rate of $632. That was up 49% compared with 2019, pre-Covid.

Of special note, Wailea Maui and its luxury resort area had an average daily rate of $1,000. That’s up an jaw-dropping 56% since 2019.

West Maui’s Lahaina, Kaanapali, and Kapalua hotels had an average daily rate of $560, just over half the Wailea rates. That makes for another great opportunity for visitors to stay at the beach, on Maui, for less.

Kauai hotel prices soared by 64%.

Overall, hotels on Kauai were way up, with an average daily rate of $465.

Big Island hotels up 53%.

Big Island hotels showed an average daily rate of $420, which was up just over 53% compared with 2019.

Kohala Coast had the highest rates on Big Island and the largest increase statewide. Average daily rates there are now $662, which is up 72% compared with 2019.

Honolulu hotels had the least increase in rates overall.

Oahu hotels reported an average daily rate of $244, which was up just 6% compared with 2019. This is another sweetspot to be noted by visitors as it represents among the best value in Hawaii accommodations.

Waikiki hotels, specifically, had an average daily rate of $230, which was up by just 3% compared with 2019.

Hawaii has the highest hotel rates in the U.S.

Compared with other U.S. travel destinations, Hawaii led all other markets in average daily rates during the first quarter with an average daily rate of $362. Hawaii rates were followed by Miami and Phoenix.

Tips on Saving Money at Hawaii Hotels.

Gone are the days where you called the hotel to negotiate a price. And if you don’t qualify as a Hawaii resident for Kamaaina rates, this is going to take some sleuthing.

Booking directly on the hotel website can save you money or give you some perks. It reduces the hotel’s costs. For example, if  you book on Expedia, the hotel has to pay them for that booking.

See if a hotel package that includes parking, breakfast, and/or resort fees is a good deal compared with buying those piecemeal.

Search on Google for “budget hotels on (insert island)” which will generate leads for you to pursue.

Consider staying on Oahu, where prices have increased the least since pre-Covid. And on Maui, consider West Maui rather than South Maui, where rates are almost double.

Redeem travel points on loyalty programs and credit cards for hotel nights.

Compare rates with vacation rentals, which often include a kitchen that reduces food costs.

How do you save money at Hawaii hotels?


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