June 20, 2024

7 Tips To Book Cheap Air Tickets For Your Next Holiday

7 Tips To Book Cheap Air Tickets For Your Next Holiday

Aren’t the airfares the most expensive part of our travel plans? We need to keep aside a large portion of the travel budget for booking the fights. Finding budget-friendly tickets can be a deal maker or a deal breaker for anyone, a solo traveler or a family on a vacation. Despite the deals offered by the airlines and tour operators daily, there’s always a fine line we just always seem to miss and never get down to planning the perfect getaway. This is where we help you with tips and tricks to always get the perfect price that fits the bill and ensures you never miss a moment of fun on your next holiday. We’re sure that with these tips for booking cheap air tickets, you’ll never be stranded at home.

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7 Easy Tips To Remember When Booking Cheap Air Tickets

1. Book Your Trip Based On The Dates Availability 

Instead of keeping the travel dates fixed, keep a scope of flexibility in your travel so that you do not face high prices. When the dates are flexible, it is easy to book the flight tickets based on the availability rather than paying high for the desired dates.

2. Have No Fixed Destination

If you are traveling for leisure or planning a family trip abroad, it is always better to keep your choices open. Plan your vacation based on the availability of cheap airfares rather than keeping a fixed destination.

3. Choose The Route Which Will Save Money

We know that layovers between two countries can be cumbersome and boring. But won’t it be worth it if you are saving a large chunk of your travel budget by choosing two connecting flights rather than a direct flight? Unless it is a business trip or an emergency, we advise you to take connecting flights instead of non-stop flights.

4. Check Your Spam Folders For Great Deals

Travel aggregators sometimes send in great deals on your registered email addresses with promotional codes or slashed flight tickets. So, checking the spam folders once in a while can save you a few bucks.

5. Don’t Restrict To A Single Search Engine

You may be relying on a particular search engine or using something particular for normal use. But when it comes to booking an airplane ticket, we recommend using more than one search engine to crack the best priced deal.

6. If You Are A Student Then That’s A Bonus

Students with a valid identification proof get discounted prices for their travels in various airlines. Additionally, some airlines also allow a few extra kilos to carry in their check-in baggage too so don’t forget to check that as well.

7. Try Multiple Airlines Covering The Route.

Even for a single journey with layovers, try to check the cost by choosing a different carrier and the cost may be lower than choosing a single airline carrier. For example, if you are planning a trip to New York from Mumbai, try to check the tickets from Mumbai to Frankfurt or London, separately and then check for Frankfurt or London to New York. This may give you a better price than if you book them with the same airline.

These are just a few hacks which may work for you. We have also heard that booking tickets on Tuesdays or at a particular time of the day or even searching in incognito mode works in giving you the best deals. How about you tell us some more tricks of the trade that aren’t listed here on the comments section below?

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