July 11, 2024
2022 Summer travel trends

Travel as we knew it in 2019 still hasn’t returned.

As many of us start to book summer vacations, a survey from NerdWallet found 32% of people are only booking trips if the destination has a low risk for COVID-19.

28% said they will only travel domestically to avoid getting stuck in an international quarantine situation.

That means if you live in a popular tourist area, you could see traffic get even worse than during a normal season.

“You are going to encounter much of the stressful things that travelers encounter, namely long lines and heavy traffic. So do yourself a favor — give yourself extra time to get to your destination,” said Sara Rathner at NerdWallet.

Another change you may notice is hotels offering more packages and deals as they try to make a comeback.

NerdWallet says if you’re taking a vacation where you won’t be in your room much, this may not be worth it.

But it could be worth it if you’re vacationing to relax, as long as it fits your budget.

“If it is beyond what you feel comfortable spending and you’re going to go into debt to go on vacation, any relaxation you attain while you’re away from home is going to disappear immediately,” said Rathner.

77% of Americans say they have been stockpiling points and miles as a way to help budget.

NerdWallet says in that case, make sure you’re building flexibility into your vacation and buy the extra protection for your trip.

Once those points are spent, you usually can’t get them back.

“You might also consider which credit card you use to book travel in the first place, because some travel rewards credit cards offer travel insurance that can get you some of your money back if your trip is canceled or interrupted because of a covered reason that might be enough coverage for your trip. And it costs nothing additional beyond the annual fee for the credit card,” said Rathner.